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The Central Penn Lady Renegades travel softball program is committed to teaching players the skills needed both on and off the field in order to succeed at the next level. Focus is placed on teaching fundamental skills while teaching players to be a student of the game. Heavy emphasis will be placed on defining what a championship culture look like and acts on and off the field. 

The Lady Renegades program is a 12 month program beginning at the end of August and continuing through the end of July. Each team will play in 6-8 tournaments. They will practice 2-3 days per week having access to In The Net's outdoor fields, indoor batting cages, turf indoor fields and equipment. 

All team members receive an ITN Academy membership that allow
players unlimited facility use.

The program is committed to success in the classroom, within the community, as well as on the field. We develop well rounded players on and off the field, players develop integrity work ethic and respect.

These traits are transferable into the high school and college level of the game 
as well as real life situations.






The Renegades program is a 12 month program August through July. Tryouts take place in early August for the fall & spring season. Winter Indoor Training runs from Early December through Late March. Outdoor practices begin in Early April and continue through July when the season ends. Each team will play in 1 - 3 tournament at In The Net, plus 4-6 out of town tournaments. Each player in the organization receives 2 practice jerseys, an ITN Academy Membership offering them 30 minutes of free batting cage or pitching lane time per day. 







Winter Indoor Trainin

December - March

Indoor Practice Time

ITN Academy * In The Net Dome * In The Net Air Dome

ITN Academy Membership

Each Player receives an ITN Academy Membership, allowing each player 30

minutes of FREE facility use per day

Professional Instruction

Teams will receive professional instruction during Winter Indoor

Training, in hitting, pitching, fielding, and catchers.

Outdoor Practices

All outdoor practices are held on In The Net's outdoor fields. Teams are

scheduled for 1 or 2 practices per week from September - November and April - July. 


Teams will play a minimum of 3 tournaments at In The Net, plus 

 several out of town or travel tournaments. 


Players receive 2 practices jerseys to be worn at practices

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