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Teegan Leader
Hitting & Fielding Instructor

Teegan Leader joins the ITN Baseball & Softball Academy as a Player Development Coach for the Baltimore Orioles along with coaching and playing experience for Penn State York, where he led the team in batting average during his freshman year. With a kinesiology background and combining his playing & coaching experiences, Teegan provides athletes with the optimal coaching needed to help them take their game to the highest level. Having extensive knowledge in player movement tendencies, Teegan understands why a player moves the way they do, catering specifically to each player’s strength & weaknesses.


Using modern technologies like K-Vest & Blast Motion, Teegan provides biomechanical feedback. Teegan is a strong believer that there is no one way to hit, but rather an infinite number of hitting styles, that have proven successful by countless amateur and professional hitters. Teegan believes the most efficient hitting style for every player is based on what their body is capable of doing. Teegan’s teachings cater to the body capability and science of each individual player. Teegan provides updated player plans that players can access away from the facility so they can work on their craft and come back to the next lesson with immense progress already made.


Teegan will push players to get the most out of their abilities and in turn, expects players to push him. Teegan and players will keep each other accountable. “Together, we will fail, learn, succeed, and grow together because only by having a growth mindset do we evolve into something greater. A rising tide raises all ships.” – Teegan Leader

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